Gem3 Forgotten Master Gem3

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Color Yellow
Home Tower Towerforge
Victory Theme None

Forgotten Master Edit

The Forgotten Master is also known as the Yellow Archer. He is one of the four unlockable characters in Towerfall. He is unlocked through collecting a series of yellow triangular gems scattered throughout levels in the Trials gamemode.

How to Unlock Edit

The gems are hidden in the Trials for the maps Sacred Ground, Twilight Spire, Backfire, Thornwood, Kings Court, Moonstone, and Sunken City, for a grand total total of seven gems. The Yellow master himself is inside a hidden chamber in one of the Towerforge trials. The player must go to that trial and use a Super Bomb Arrow to destroy a breakable wall. When the player enters the chamber, a statue of the Forgotten Master is inside. If all gems have been collected, the statue will begin to shudder and eventually explode and release the Forgotten Master. He will then fall asleep, in front of the player. When the player returns to the map screen, a frame will appear with the words "A New Challenger Is Approaching!" and a Picture of the Yellow master will come into focus. If the player returns to character select, he will be among the archers and can be used from there on.