Gem2 Assassin Prince Gem2

Pink Archer Deselectx2 Pink Archer Selectedx2
Color Pink
Home Tower Mirage
Victory Theme None
Portraits Pink Archer WinPink Archer Lose
Sprite Pink Archer Sprite

The Pink Archer (Also referred to in-game as the Assassin Prince and referred as The Young Prince of the Desert in the Towerfall Ascension trailer) is a default playable character in Towerfall and Towerfall Ascension.


The Pink Archer is a Prince of the Desert, as stated in the Ascension Trailer by The Last of the Order . His robes resemble those of a typical Arabian prince. The Ascension trailer suggests the Pink Archer is greedy, and actively searches for loot, often times getting him into trouble. It is revealed that he eventually goes blind after being defeated by the usurper of his home kingdom. 


The Pink Archer has long, blonde hair, loosely constricted by a pink headband, the rest of it being tied back. His eyes are ruby red and share a pallet with the ruby gems found on both the winner's crown and his bow. The clothes he is seen in are ambiguous, but appear to be based off typical South Asian attire, sporting mostly robes and other loose clothing. 

An alternative version of the Assassin Prince, with blue hair, is available by holding L2 when selecting this character. This easter egg is an hommage to Kyle Pulver, a renowned TowerFall player, who has blue hair and whose favorite character is the Pink Archer.