The Ancient Exile (a.k.a. White Archer) is one of the four unlockable characters in TowerFall Ascension.

AEGem20x20 Ancient Exile AEGem20x20

AEBack120x240 AEFront120x240
Color White
Home Tower Moonstone
Victory Theme None

How to Unlock Edit

The Ancient Exile can be unlocked by playing the Moonstone Tower in Versus. The Ancient Exile will appear randomly during a round, at the center of the map. She is trapped in a rock. Shoot the rock to break it and unlock the White Archer.

Appearance Edit

The Ancient Exile has long white hair worn in a loose chignon, and has a very pale skin tone, making her appear mostly white. She wears purple pants and leather armor, braces and boots.

When an arrow is shot close to her head without touching, her hair is set loose entirely, and fully animated.

It is possible to start with no hat by holding L2 when selecting this character.